TurboBrain offers a host of integrated tools to teach you to consciously enter a state of relaxed focus, resulting in optimal performance

Young Adults preparing for Competitive Examinations, Interviews and Careers

The anticipatory anxiety prior to competitive exams often leads to inefficient utilization of mental resources. The quality of one’s performance falls prey to anxiety, desperate conscious efforts to improve performance, sleeplessness and emotional instability.

Extensive research has shown that the essence of peak performance lies in our internal attitudes. The challenge lies in balancing one’s inner state so that one can intentionally take control of one’s mind and hence make efficient utilization of the available information mix to meet goal oriented needs.

Cerebra TurboBrain’s training offers core sustained improvement in your “plant and machinery”: your Brain: allowing you to unravel the knots in your mind that prevent you from achieving you personal best. It helps teach you to consciously enter a state of “relaxed focus”, resulting in optimal performance.

The gaming approach of Cerebra TurboBrain’s technology increases intrinsic motivation to attain self-mastery over mental processes. Looking at the representation of our brain blood flow activity on a computer screen being mirrored at millisecond accuracy provides us with an opportunity to retrain and guide the brain to find more successful patterns. The initial short-lived changes can be gradually made permanent with continuous and consistent repetitions. This process renders perfect responses without the conscious efforts of our rational mind.

Benefits You Can Gain:
  • Considerably better competitive exam performance
  • Increased overall academic grades
  • Considerable reduction in exam taking anxiety
  • Increased ability to grasp more
  • Accelerated learning with better retention of what is learned
  • Ability to brainstorm solutions to problems
  • Greater attention, concentration and memory performance
  • Ability to handle greater workload with lowered susceptibility to ‘burning out’
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Better decision making
  • Shorter response time
  • Ability to maintain calm state of mind while studying
  • Develop effective study habits
  • Obtain quicker and deeper relaxation
  • Develop better sleep patterns and sounder sleep

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