Improved attention span, focus, memory and hence, overall better academic grades through the Prefrontal Cortex, activated and super-charged by Frontal Lobe training imparted by Cerebra TurboBrain

The Cost of Education related Stress

In today’s world of rapid globalization and heightened competition, children experience much more academic stress than their predecessors did. The drive for children to be academically successful has risen exponentially with time. This great quantum of stress finds its expression through poor attention, reduced ability to retain information and test-taking anxiety amongst students which can negatively impact their academic performance.

Your child harbors greater potential than you know
Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

Cerebra TurboBrain outstanding technology does not offer you a bullet cure. Instead it involves efforts in various problematic areas such as distractibility, impulsiveness, disorganization & quite commonly short attention span. Its cerebral blood flow measuring technology, in which a specially designed sensor sends your brain readings to the computer in real time, enables you to control the on-screen activity by your mind alone and thus enhance your cognitive abilities.

Benefits You/ Your Child Can Gain:

  • Solid focus for test-taking
  • Improved Memory
  • Greater efficiency in studying, so reduction in overall study time
  • Improvement in response time
  • Minimal to no test-taking anxiety
  • Improvement in grades
  • Improved ability to pay attention in the classroom
  • Improved ability to focus on task at hand
  • Clarity of thought

Improved Focus

Using Cerebra TurboBrain interactive exercises while performing/watching an on-screen activity, students can be taught to improve focus and concentration by using signals from their own brains in real time, right on the computer screen by means of instantaneous feedback. It makes teaching concentration easy and entertaining at the same time.

The sensor that is connected to a computer, measures the blood flow to the target area associated with focus and concentration (the prefrontal cortex) while the subject is at it and stops the on-screen activity the moment his/her concentration level drops below the threshold. The on-screen activity is then restarted by the computer only when the subject’s blood flow increases to above the threshold Sessions of about 30-45 minutes practiced 2 to 4 days a week can produce great long term improvement. The new levels of focus and cognitive skills thus achieved with repetitive exercise become permanent.

Other Benefits You Can Gain:

  • Increased Analytical and Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Enhanced Decison Making and Problem Solving Skills
  • Strengthened Communications Skills
  • Lowered stress and anxiety levels, and achievement of inner calm and peace in stressful situations
  • Clarity of thought in choosing your goals
  • Creation of mental blueprint of your skill-set
  • Cultivation of Optimism

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