Cerebra TurboBrain peak performance program enables business professionals to eliminate mental and neurological barriers to optimum performance

Executive & Business Professionals

Efficient and effective executive functions require sustained effort, deep insight, clear interpretations, sound judgment, stable control, rapid improvisation and last but not the least, a sound and satisfying work-life balance.


However, as per experts, the fiercely competitive business environment in today’s world induces higher stress levels at workplace which leads to decline in efficiency levels.

Some common stress inducers are:

  • Being overworked- work overload with unrealistic deadlines & unreasonable pressure to meet those deadlines
  • Being Underworked- making people feel that their skills are being underutilized
  • Deteriorating confidence & self-esteem with rapidly changing skill requirement for variety of job assignments
  • Bullying and harassment by colleagues and superiors
  • Job Security – concern for lack of job security magnifies with economic cycles and rapid corporate change
  • A blame culture in which no one wants to admit to mistakes for the fear of losing their job
  • Empowerment raises personal responsibility & accountability
  • Career & Job Ambiguity – things happen without the employee knowing why
  • A lack of control over work activities
  • Disturbed work-life balance

Thus, to master the leadership challenges of the new global competitive business environment, our business leaders need to understand that self-mastery over their mental state is as important as their level of job-specific skill and training. This can be achieved by first identifying their stress responses. The experience gained in this manner will allow them to be more focused and efficiently allocate their mental resources to meet specific needs.

Cerebra TurboBrain’s peak performance program enables self-regulation of physiological activity of brain that helps business leaders and executives to attain self-mastery by training them to:

  • Create a mental blueprint of skills and competition
  • Bring clarity of thought in choosing their goals
  • Quickly achieve an inner state of calm & peace in stressful situation
  • Increased analytical & strategic thinking skills
  • Vastly improved & restful sleep
  • Strengthened communication skills
  • Cultivate optimism

Thus, through our training, business experts can eliminate mental and neurological barriers to optimum performance and derive benefits of reduced anxiety, better cognitive skills, emotional and mental resilience, harmonious work-life balance, higher effectiveness and overall improved productivity.

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