TurboBrain technology improves mental capabilities of Students, Business Executives, Athletes, Patients and other professionals

Common Benefits

As the urban professional finds stress due to the increasingly competitive business life far too much to handle, and where endless homework, tough competition, student relationships and the pressure from peers and parents are major causes of stress for children; Cerebra TurboBrain can unlock each person’s potential to raise the level of functioning and prepare them to be more assertive, self-sufficient, better-functioning, more productive, more efficient, less anxious and hence, live their lives to the maximum.


Who can benefit from training with Cerebra TurboBrain?

Well, just about anybody who is engaged in using their brains!

  • School and College Students to improve focus and academic performance
  • Those who want to succeed in Competitive Examinations and Interviews
  • Executives and Business professionals seeking multi-tasking abilities, improved organizational skills, sound work-life balance and improved coping ability to deal with stress
  • Children and Adults suffering from neuropsychological conditions like ADD/ADHD, Learning Difficulties , Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, Migraine, Depression, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease and others
  • Anyone who wants to achieve peak performance

The challenges for the above categories of people are similar: need for a smartly functioning pre-frontal lobe which is the Seat of Executive Command. If that is functioning sub-optimally (poor cognition, poor coherence, lack of logical decision-making, poor comprehension skills, attention-deficit, lack of concentration, and myriad disorders), then performance levels dip alarmingly.

This is precisely the problem area Cerebra TurboBrain addresses.


The Clinically proven benefits

Take a look at the chart below. This research was conducted in the US, by the Late Dr. Hershel Toomim, using MicroCog, an industry standard testing method.

In all cases, the gains are simply staggering. For instance, the subjects experienced a gain in memory functions from 6% gain after 10 sessions to nearly 25% gain after 40 sessions!

Similar gains are seen in Mental Function, Mental Proficiency and Info Accuracy.

This is actual, clinical evidence of the results delivered by enhancement of cerebral blood flow using hemoencephalography, the core technology underpinning Cerebra TurboBrain.

What is most important is that the above areas that have been measured by the MicroCog method are precisely the areas that students need most!

In the world of today, given the hyper-competitive education landscape, every student needs a critical edge to get ahead. You need to have an Ace up your sleeve.

Cerebra TurboBrain is precisely that Edge. It is the Ace up your sleeve.

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The essence of executive functions lies in Frontal Lobes which are uniquely addressed by TurboBrain neurofeedback training

Improved Performance with Cerebra TurboBrain Frontal Lobe Training

CerebraTurboBrain affords people the opportunity to strengthen their innate abilities and perform at their highest level. Improvements can be noted in one or more of the following areas:

Success at goal-setting and achieving goals

Having clear, defined goals is in itself a challenge for most people. Achieving them is the next challenge. Together the frontal lobes are the part of your brain that allows you to formulate and achieve goals. Frontal lobes facilitate your ability to identify something you want deeply, stemming from your intuition, logical analysis or both, develop a plan of action, get motivated to initiate the plan, sustain the motivation to carry out the plan, and follow through in a timely manner with each step in a calibrated, well-thought sequence. Like an expert gymnast going through his or her routine. This part of your brain also gives you the ability to assess outcomes rationally, and then go with Plan B, if Plan A did not work. People with healthy frontal lobes have real ambitions and dreams and are able to achieve them. They are more prone to take charge of their lives instead of feeling they are a victim of circumstances. They’re able to delay gratification, have better impulse control and foresight into the consequences of actions. They also demonstrate the ability to stay on track and not get distracted, and they have more common sense and show good judgment. As a result of optimally functioning frontal lobes, people can maximize their success in achieving their goals.

Higher Emotional and Social Intelligence

The more developed your frontal lobes are, the greater your ability to understand social situations and deal with them in a mature, appropriate manner. With greater insight into other peoples mental states (intentions, needs, etc.), you have more success in social interactions. Communication skills are enhanced due to the increased ability to read the subtle cues of other people’s emotions, body language, and respond appropriately.

Increased Maturity

With higher functioning frontal lobes, people have better control of their temper, greater insight into their own feelings and motives, increased sense of ethics and more ethical behavior, mellowing of personality, improved ability to compete, more drive, initiative and lower irritability.