What is Stress Related Brain Degradation

Excessive stress can lead to physical deterioration of the brain and subsequent cognitive decline. Stress has effects on brain areas that play a critical role in learning and memory, including the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex (PFC). A number of studies have highlighted a strong association between stress and smaller brain size (total brain volume), with the duration of the stress influencing the extent of the brain’s deterioration.

In stress related brain degradation, there is shrinkage and death of neurons, and reductions in the number of synaptic spines and functional synapses, which reduces cortical thickness (the cortex is the outermost layer of the brain) and sub-cortical volume in some regions of the brain. These long-term changes in brain structures and systems caused by stress can lead to symptoms of stress-related psychiatric disorders, many of which are associated with the PFC.


What Causes Stress Related Brain Degradation

The brain responds to a danger or perceived threat by producing a stress hormone called cortisol, which binds to the receptors inside a number of neurons, causing them to admit more calcium through channels in their membrane. The release of cortisol helps the brain to cope with a danger or threat in the short-term, but if the neurons become over-loaded with calcium, then they fire too frequently and die. Raised levels of cortisol for prolonged periods have been shown to damage and kill brain cells and studies show that chronic stress causes premature brain aging.


Cerebra’s Treatment for Stress Related Brain Degradation

Cerebra’s cutting-edge brain training program, Cerebra TurboBrain (CTB), can help prevent and reverse stress related brain degradation by providing cellular-level regeneration through increased cerebral blood flow (CBF). By increasing CBF, CTB increases the rate of capillary formation – Angiogenesis – and improves extensive synaptic connections among neurons through the process of Synaptogenesis – thereby drastically improving thinking, memory, focus and attention. CTB accelerates the production of stem-cells (master cells with the ability to grow into any one of the body’s more than 200 cell types) in the brain, which allows for the renewal and repair of any body tissue, including the brain. Completely safe, drug-free, and used by thousands of people in the US for over a decade now, CTB is now also being used in India, including Mumbai and New Delhi.

Cerebra’s suite of brain enhancement and regeneration technologies includes Cerebra PhotoBioStim (CPBS), which uses coherent light to directly stimulate affected areas in the brain, all over the scalp. The basic biochemical pathways activated by CPBS, e.g., increased ATP production, and signaling pathways activated by reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide release, and increased cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP), all work together to produce beneficial effects in brains whose function has been compromised by neurodegeneration. The use of CPBS on affected areas of the brain can restore their function to a substantial degree when initiated at the earliest possible stage.

Please visit the Scientific Research section in the website to read about the vast amount of studies that is being done on CTB and CPBS technologies.


Why Early Intervention Is Important In Treatment for Stress Related Brain Degradation

Intervening aggressively at an early stage is crucial in all neurological diseases, as the brain’s abilities declines sharply with each passing day. So, the earlier the intervention, the better the chances of arresting the decline in mental skills, which, once lost completely, may be almost impossible to regain.

Stress related brain degradation can cause long-term damage unless there is early intervention, which is vital in order to improve the patient’s cognitive functions and quality of life. Timely treatment with CTB and CPBS training before irreversible damage occurs can help individuals suffering from stress related brain degradation regain their lost skills.

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