TurboBrain, a drug free technique for improving mental capabilities of Students, Executives and professionals by enhancing Cerebral Blood Flow

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I get started?

Contact us or Contact your Institute’s main office. All details are available.

Is the technology being proposed intrusive in nature?

Not at all. The Infra-red sensor that measures the cerebral oxygenation and blood flow is put on the forehead. It is completely non-intrusive and non-invasive.

Is the effectiveness of Cerebral Blood Flow modality supported by any research?

Yes, there is plenty of research supporting this modality, including clinical trials and tests. Please see the section on Scientific Research.

Which kind of Clinical/Neurological/Psychological disorders are treated by Cerebra TurboBrain?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia, Depression, Anxiety, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc

Does it have any harmful side effects?

No side-effects whatsoever. At the highest, you may feel a little tired, since like physical exercise, this modality exercises the brain. Hence, there may be, for some people, a feeling of tiredness, which disappears after a night’s sleep. We recommend eating well after each session and drinking a lot of water for hydration.

Can you tell us some success stories or cases?

There have been innumerable success stories, ranging from improving cognitive skills, focus, attention, motivation to significant reduction in stress, anxiety and the effects of attention deficit, autism, traumatic brain injury and many other disorders.(see sections on Success Stories and Scientific Research).

What will it cost me?

Please contact us or your Institute’s office for details.

Why is your product so expensive?

It is actually not at all expensive.  We use the money we receive from you to provide training for invalid, challenged children from poor strata of society. Otherwise, those children will never be able to overcome their difficulties. It is our belief and philosophy that people who can afford to pay, should pay. This is the way we discharge our dues to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility CSR program. To avail of a CSR Subsidy, parents have to submit proof of income, which is then considered by our CSR Committee which then decides on the level of subsidy to be granted.

Do you offer any subsidised schemes for the underprivileged?

Yes, we do. We have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in which we offer lower priced schemes to those cannot afford the training. The process for this is: the parents of the trainee must submit their salary slip/any other proof of income, to evidence their income status. These details will be vetted by Cerebra’s CSR Committee, and an appropriate pricing will decided for the trainee.

Can I have a trial sitting?

As per our technology agreement, we cannot provide free sessions. However, you are welcome to try this on a paid basis. We must add, however, that significant benefits of this modality are never gained in one sitting, like you will not gain much by exercising your body just once. We recommend, based on our experience, that you do a minimum of 30-40 sessions, depending on the extent of improvement desired, for the full benefits of this modality to accrue.

How many sittings will get me a positive result or show indications of improvement?

Pls see answer above.

How frequently will I have to take TurboBrain sessions?

We recommend a base minimum of 2 sessions per week, and a maximum of 5 sessions per week, for optimum effectiveness.

Should I expect it to hurt or feel uncomfortable?

Not at all. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed during the session.

Has it been done in India before?

Yes, we are offering Cerebra TurboBrain in India now!

Where all are Cerebra BrainTech Training Centers located?

Please see Locations

If one sitting is missed will it impact the complete program?


Is the technology certified by some doctors?

Yes. Many medical doctors and clinical psychologists in the US offer this as an adjunctive modality to treating brain-related issues. Since it is totally safe, non-invasive, totally medicine-free, and based sound biological principles which have been clinically validated, it has gained immense support from the neurological community.

Can the technology be used to cure mild cases of amnesia and mental disorder?

Yes. These conditions are very amenable to treatment through this modality, though the number of sessions required may be higher than the recommended 40 sessions.

How long will be the effect of this technology on an Individual? Are the changes permanent or long lasting? If yes, why is this so?

Changes in the brain are very very long lasting and even permanent. The reason for this is a concept called homeostasis. Homeostatis is the “preservation of existing state”. Before this training, the brain is operating at a certain level. That is its existing homeostatic level pre-training…the brain wants to preserve that state.
After the training, the brain’s capabilities become significantly enhanced through frontal lobe training and angiogenesis and synaptogenesis. This, therefore, becomes the new, enhanced state of the brain, and the brain becomes homeostatic at this new, improved, enhanced level, since the brain wants to preserve this state now, and doesn’t want to go back to its lower level of functioning as before. This characteristic of the brain is unique and powerful. The brain represents core intelligence, and its enhanced intelligence tells it to maintain the enhanced state, i.e., maintain homeostatis at this higher level of functioning. This is why changes are near permanent.

Does it need any kind of other supplements to enhance its effect and reduce time period of implementation?

No. However, the brain, while weighing only 2% of your entire weight, consumes around 20% of the oxygen and 25% of the total energy needs of the body. Hence, good nutrition with adequate balance of vitamins and minerals is essential for a well-functioning brain.

Do I have to stop taking my medication during this treatment?

Over time, the need for any brain related medicines, declines with this modality, as the brain becomes stronger with increased angiogenesis and synaptogenesis. You should, however, consult your physician in this regard.

How long does a session last?

A minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes. In this period, upto three sites are trained: usually the centre of the forehead (FPZ), and the two sides, right and left of the forehead (FP2 and FP1). The stimulates cerebral blood flow in the entire prefrontal cortex.

Why can't I simply solve more puzzles to increase cerebral blood flow?

Research has shown that while doing math and solving puzzles does help boost brain power, this is still a diffused method to increase cerebral blood flow. There is little conscious effort to increase CBF, nor is there any objective measure (save for an functional MRI) to show how much increase in CBF was achieved. On the other hand, Cerebra TurboBrain directly measures CBF in real time, displays it on the screen, and then uses this as a threshold and feedback for the continued performance of the on-screen activity. This is intense, calibrated and laser-like focused activity, and this is what builds up lasting angiogenesis (increased capillaries) and synaptogenesis (increased inter-neuronal communication) through targeted, voluntary CBF increase.

Why can't I just do 10 or 20 sessions? That should be good enough, isn’t it?

Everything scientific is calibrated. Extensive research and studies and have shown 40 sessions to be the recommended number of sessions for optimal gains. Just like a course of medicine, it has to be followed strictly. One can’t say to doc “I won’t have 3 tabs a day. I will have only one a day” or to gym trainer “I won’t come to gym for one year. I will come only for one month”. There are prescribed ways of doing things, and 40 sessions is what is prescribed.

What happens if I don't improve in my cognitive abilities after the recommended 40 sessions?

This is highly unlikely. A number of studies and trials (given in the Scientific Research section) are testimony to this. The extent of improvement, of course, will vary from person to person. However, almost everybody improves. In exactly the same fashion as when you start going to the gym, if you have followed the instructions, at the end of a few months, you will almost certainly be better and fitter than where you were when you started on the program.

Can I continue doing Cerebra TurboBrain sessions even after the recommended 40 sessions are over?

Yes, you can. There is no harm in doing this. However, what we recommend is that after 40 sessions, you start on a combined Cerebra TurboBrain and Cerebra NeuroField modlaity. NeuroField acts as a Force Multiplier to TurboBrain, so after the brain has been enhanced by TurboBrain, the two technologies are used conjunctively for an even more enhanced level of brain performance.

Can I go back to work/class after a session?

Yes, of course.

Is all this a 'Magic Wand'?

It’s as much of a Magic Wand as the Internet is, or the mobile phone is. 30 years back these two phenomenons were unthinkable. Today, we take these for granted.


In a similar vein, brain training has been around for the past six decades in various forms. But it is only now that the technology has been perfected, multiple tests and trials have been undergone, and it is only now that it is finding its way into the mainstream.


We, at Cerebra BrainTech, are at the forefront of bringing these technologies to various parts of the world.

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