Cerebra TurboBrain drives increased blood flow into the hypo-perfused pre-frontal areas, the Executive Command Centre of the brain

Cerebra TurboBrain: What is the Science and Technology underpinning it?

Cerebra TurboBrain is a ground breaking technique, based upon hemoencephalography (study of cerebral blood flow) that has a profound impact on thinking, memory, focus and attention.


Brain fitness training with Cerebra TurboBrain involves a mental task that activates neurons in the respective brain module. These neurons consume relatively more energy, the demand for which is met by a localized increase in blood flow. Thus, the local oxygenation & glucose levels increase allowing the active brain area to do its function efficiently. With repetitive exercise & growth of new capillaries, there is development of new connections between neurons. The benefits, thus obtained, in terms of sharper focus, increased attention, improved memory, heightened creativity and exceptional performance, are pervasive and enduring.

Cerebra TurboBrain Cerebral Blood Flow Technology

Key Aspects of TurboBrain Cerebral Blood Flow Technology

Before we get deeper into the overall biological aspects of TurboBrain Cerebral Blood Flow Technology, let us simplify what it does:

All of us are familiar with physical exercise, and what it does for us. Let us take weight training as an example. When we lift a weight, our muscles contract, exerting effort to lift it. This effort requires fuel, which arrives in the form of oxygen and glucose. The carrier of this energy and nutrition is blood. And the route that this blood travels on is the intricate network of blood vessels, in the form of veins and capillaries.

When we lift weights once, the body responds by pumping more blood into the used area. But this blood flow subsides to its normal, pre-workout levels, when the work-out is stopped. The body views this only as a temporary challenge.

However, if you start working out every day (or several times a week), the body then starts to believe that this challenge is permanent and not transient. And then it begins to adapt. It starts to build newer channels to transport the energy fuel. In other words, the body starts to build increased capacity in existing veins, and it also starts to increase the number of capillaries to carry the fuel through the bloodstream. This process is called increased vascularity.

Ever seen body builders, and how their veins and fine capillaries bulge out? That’s this increased vascularity in its visible form, because of the tremendous effort and load put on the musculature.

The brain works almost exactly in this fashion, except that it does not form bigger muscles!

Research has shown that intense Cerebral Exercise, (done, for example, using a technology like Cerebra TurboBrain), increases angiogenesis (increased capillaries and arterioles) and increases synaptogenesis (increased synapses, ie, inter-neuronal communication), in rats (Diamond, et al, 1977), as well as in humans (Taub, et al, 1993, Maguire, et al, 2000). Your brain, just like your muscles, grows when you exercise it. And like muscles, it wastes away when you don’t exercise it.

The prefrontal cortex is the Command Centre, The Executive Centre of the brain. It is the centre of our cognitive abilities. It is the seat of all voluntary decision making.

A poorly functioning person, be it a student or business executive, almost inevitably has frontal lobes that are working in a sub-optimal fashion. In layman’s terms, their prefrontal cortex is not being exercised enough in a correct, calibrated manner, and hence, like a poorly exercised body, works inefficiently and ineffectively.

Cerebra TurboBrain changes precisely this: it drives increased blood flow into the hypo-perfused pre-frontal areas (areas with insufficient cerebral blood flow, hence, poor performing region).

Infra-red images taken before and after a session clearly show the increase in blood flow into the pre-frontal area, the Executive Command Centre of the brain.

Note: See the two Infra-red scans given above. See image on the right taken just after a single session of Cerebral Blood Flow Enhancement modality. See how well perfused (blood enriched) the pre-frontal lobe is in the image on the right, shown by the abundance of yellow color. This shows the degree of blood flow enhancement achieved in just one session.

The True Revolutionary Potential of Cerebra TurboBrain

Cerebra TurboBrain: Technology

Cerebra TurboBrain technology holds the potential for empowering brain activity to enhance optimal performance in students preparing for competitive exams, to improve grades amongst school and university students and significantly enhance performance amongst business executives. This is in addition to its clinical uses for conditions like Migraine, Insomnia, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury and many other conditions.

It is an effective, non-intrusive, one-on-one technique in which the Infra-red sensor shines a light source into the cranium. The light is a mixture of red and infra-red wavelengths. The proportions of the light absorbed and scattered by blood depend on its level of oxygenation. This means that as the local oxygenation level of blood increases in response to neural activation, the signal from the sensor changes. Thus the sensor can detect changes in the brain’s activation level and hence increase the reading of cerebral blood flow when stimulated with the real-time feedback given on the computer screen by Cerebra TurboBrain.