Make significant enhancements in attention and focus by state of the art combination of TurboBrain games and neurofeedback

Cerebra TurboBrain Technology: The nuts and the bolts

How Cerebra TurboBrain Technology works?

Cognitive abilities such as concentration, learning and visualization can be maintained or improved by exercising this highly malleable organ – The Brain – just as one can train one’s body to build stamina, strength or flexibility. The Cerebra TurboBrain program is designed to remedy attention, concentration and memory related issues to improve learning for better academic or work performance.

Cerebra TurboBrain utilizes a specially adapted controller in conjunction with a computer for active, real-time viewing of one’s brain activity measured through Cerebral Blood Flow. This success-based modality targets specific areas of the brain to restore function by modifying the on-screen activity – viewing based on cerebral blood flow activity.

A comfortable, surface sensor is placed on the forehead while the user works on an active, on-screen activity. The surface sensor measures blood flow activity in the frontal cortex and then displays it on-screen in real-time, through specialized software that gathers these brain readings. The Cerebra TurboBrain technology works by connecting user’s cerebral blood flow activity to the computer on which the on-screen activity is being performed. Depending upon the sensor’s reading of the cerebral blood flow, the system sends a signal to the controller and changes the power to the buttons. If the control on the on-screen activity diminishes, owing to lack of attention or focus, the on-screen activity will stop. This is because lack of focus results in lowered cerebral blood flow which controls the on-screen activity. The moment the blood flow decreases below a threshold, the on-screen activity stops. The user learns by focusing intensely, but in a relaxed manner, to again increase blood flow to the target brain area, which again restarts the on-screen activity. With enough training, the brain becomes “fitter” through increased angiogenesis and synaptogenesis, and the on-screen activity becomes easier to perform. At this point, the threshold is raised, so as to make the activity more difficult. Just like increasing the miles you run, or the weights you lift.

Done over sessions across a period of time, the brain becomes a strong, well-perfused organ, with a well developed network of capillaries inside it, to carry the increased blood flow. In short, you have a fitter brain, capable of doing far more than it could do before you started on this program.

Cerebra TurboBrain accelerates the production of stem-cells (master cells with the ability to grow into any one of the body’s more than 200 cell types) in the brain which allow for the renewal and repair of any body tissue including the brain. Clients undergoing training with HEG-based Cerebra TurboBrain have achieved great gains in memory, attention, speed and mental accuracy.

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