TurboBrain, a drug free technique for improving mental capabilities of Students, Executives and Professionals by enhancing Cerebral Blood Flow


Cerebra TurboBrain Technology, an Overview…

Cerebra BrainTech has a single-minded focus: how to make an individual’s mind his or her most potent weapon.

Every aspect of success depends upon how efficiently you harness your most powerful asset: Your Brain. In today’s hyper-competitive business, education and personal environment, the fittest mind will win. Having a brain that works at higher cognitive levels, is able to process information faster, becomes more adept at problem solving, is able to retain information longer, is able to work calmly in stressful situations… provides an invaluable competitive edge.

This is precisely what Cerebra TurboBrain delivers. See results of a clinical trial done in the US. The results have been astounding, to say the least.

Well, here it is… below are the results after 40 sessions of Cerebral Blood Flow enhancement (conducted by the late Dr. Hershel Toomim, in the US).

  • The results are simply stunning! In just 40 sessions…
  • The Group of Trainees increased its memory by 26%
  • The Group Increased its Mental Function by 25%
  • Mental Proficiency increased by 25%
  • And all these tests were performed using the industry standard MicroCog Tests

All this was achieved, using cutting-edge technology that enhances the brain’s natural potential, enables the brain to start using more of its unutilized capacity, and is totally non-invasive, medicine and supplement-free.

Cerebra BrainTech’s offering is based on solid scientific research, conducted over 15 years.

Cerebra TurboBrain Reconditions and Retrains Your Brain, using the scientifically tested and validated technique of enhancing Cerebral Blood Flow.

To achieve the above, Cerebra BrainTech’s first offering in India, Cerebra TurboBrain offers a unique technology to boost your cognitive & emotional intelligence and thus increase your potential to achieve your goals in a manner you have never experienced before.

Broadening our suite of brain enhancement technologies, we have added Cerebra NeuroField.

Cerebra NeuroField is a revolutionary invention using pulsed electro-magnetic waves (see NeuroField Technology) to act as a Force Multiplier to Cerebra TurboBrain. In addition, Cerebra NeuroField acts as standalone modality for a variety of peak performance and clinical applications.

The beauty of Cerebra NeuroField is that it has set protocols for a variety of day to day issues. Some examples: Protocol Emotional Calming for stress reduction. Protocol Brain Fof Reduction for promoting clear thinking. Protocol Anxiety for anxiety reduction. Protocol Depression for depressive patients. And many, many more.

As would be clear from the above, Cerebra BrainTech is a pioneer in unearthing literally ground-breaking technologies for Brain Enhancement. And this is just the beginning…