Cerebra TurboBrain, a drug free, non-invasive technology for enhancing mental capabilities of Students, Executives and Professionals by increasing Cerebral Blood Flow

Cerebra TurboBrain Technology, an Overview…

Cerebra BrainTech has a single-minded focus: how to make an individual’s mind his or her most potent weapon.

Every aspect of success depends upon how efficiently you harness your most powerful asset: Your Brain. In today’s hyper-competitive business, education and personal environment, the fittest mind will win. Having a brain that works at higher cognitive levels, is able to process information faster, becomes more adept at problem solving, is able to retain information longer, is able to work calmly in stressful situations… provides an invaluable competitive edge.

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Common Benefits

As urban Indian finds stress with increasingly competitive life far too much to handle, and where endless homework, tough …

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In today’s world of globalization and high competition, children experience much more academic stress than their ancestors. The drive for children to …

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Clinical Applications

It is evident through numerous brain scanning studies that due to poor blood flow, activation in Pre Frontal cortex is not optimal in the people …

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The Science

CerebraTurboBrain is a ground breaking technique, based upon HEG (Cerebral Blood Flow) that has a profound impact on thinking, memory…

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